The Bediteam ( bedi – team) are a father – son team, that greatly understand and value a family run Business.

Baldev Bedi – Started selling real estate in Winnipeg and all surrounding areas in 1977. Baldev earned his Master’s Degree from Punjab University. Baldev’s main area of selling are Land (sales and development and assembly), Residential, Retail/ Leasing and Commercial (strip malls, apartment blocks, hotel/motel) and Condominium sales. Baldev holds a Broker’s licence, and prior to RE/MAX has owned/run his own IRBM brokerage and worked with a smaller company. Baldev joined RE/MAX in 2003 with Akash and started the Bediteam.
Akash Bedi – Started selling real estate in 2003, and started directly with RE/MAX. Akash has watched his father sell real estate all his life and fell in love with the Business. Akash has earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry (B.Sc. 00) and Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (B.A. 01). Akash truly loves his profession and is 110% committed to growing the team and family Business.